Exercise Te Matau-a-Māui 

Exercise Te Matau-a-Māui (meaning the fishhook of Maui and Maori name for Hawke’s Bay) was the Hawke’s Bay CDEM Group exercise for 2015 which was designed to practice the CDEM Group’s integrated response to a significant earthquake event. Exercise Te Matau-a-Māui was a functional exercise, involving the participation of a number of Hawke’s Bay agencies and organisations, multiple CDEM Groups and the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM). The exercise was scheduled as a Tier 3 (Inter-Group) exercise on the National Exercise Programme tier structure.

The exercise was led by the Hawke’s Bay CDEM Group. It was supported by Waikato, Manawatu-Wanganui, and Wellington CDEM Groups, MCDEM, emergency services, lifeline utility organisations and other agencies outside the CDEM sector.

Here is a copy of the report.