Lifeline utilities provide essential services to communities and have a vital role to play in providing for a more resilient Hawke’s Bay. Lifeline utilities include: the operators/ distributors of radio, television, roads, rail, water, sewerage, stormwater, airports, ports, telecommunications, electricity, gas and petroleum products.

The Hawke's Bay Engineering Lifelines Steering Group published a risk assessment report in 2001 entitled "Facing the Risks"

In 2004 the Hawkes Bay Lifeline Utilities Group was established as a volunteer technical forum, which enables engineering and physical risk management planning, and identifies areas of interdependency - refer to the terms of reference.

They are responsible for strengthening relationships within and across lifeline sectors, and individually committing to actions that ensure continuity of their operation and delivery of services during and after an emergency event.  Learn more and read:

The Hawke’s Bay CDEM Group supports the Hawke’s Bay Engineering Lifelines Group in achieving these goals and in particular will support collaborative planning to reduce the risk of natural hazards and increase the readiness of lifeline utilities, as lifelines utility coordination is essential in any CDEM response, and for the recovery to an event.