There are a number of strategies, plans, procedures and reports which provide direction and information to the Hawke’s Bay CDEM Group. Plans and procedures provide a best practice and consistent approach to our work. In an emergency situation this pre planning is invaluable; however, not all situations can be anticipated so a flexible approach may be required in some circumstances.

The key strategy for achieving effective civil defence emergency management in Hawke’s Bay is the Group Plan.

Group Plan identifies our long term goals and objectives and guides our work over a 5 year period.

Group Recovery Strategy - Recovery is the coordinated efforts and processes to re-establish community’s in the most efficient and effective manner after an emergency.  The Group Recovery Strategy provides a framework for agencies to support this recovery after an emergency.  

10 Year HB Hazard Research Plan identifies research directions by sponsoring on-going science and research which will help us gain a better understanding of hazards that have the potential to affect the region.

The ‘Hawke’s Bay Joint Hazard Strategy for Local Authority Land Use Planning’ 2011 looks at how to achieve better integration and a commonality in the treatment of hazard risks in land use planning. It sits outside the statutory plans but provides guidance to them, seeking to achieve community risk reduction.