We work together towards achieving our vision: ‘a resilient Hawke’s Bay community’. Resilience is how we ‘bounce back’, adapt or keep going as usual following a disaster. A resilient community is one which expects and prepares well for adverse events, so they can cope well with the disruption and return to normal as quickly as possible. Everyone has a role to play in creating a resilient community. There are four phases of civil defence emergency management (CDEM) we work across to achieve our vision. These are Reduction, Readiness, Response and Recovery.

what we do

Reduction activities include: Hazard research, land use planning and educating the community about hazards so they can reduce the risk they face.

Readiness activities include: community response planning, public education to get read and get through, business continuity planning and building capacity and capability to respond and recover from a disaster.

Response activities include: coordinating resources, providing welfare for affected communities, restoring essential services.

Recovery activities include: carrying out impact assessments to understand work that needs to be done, working with the community to identify recovery priorities and preferences, implementing strategies to facilitate the recovery with a view to recovery activities becoming business as usual.

The Group Plan provides more detail on our structure, goals and strategies.