Schools need to educate students and prepare plans, as experience has shown that where people are aware of the risks around them and plan their response, then injuries, damage and subsequent trauma are significantly reduced.

Educating Students

There are three excellent education resources available for teachers to educate their students about natural hazards and civil defence preparedness.

  • 'Action-Reaction' The New Zealand East Coast Hazard Education Kit

  •  ‘What’s the Plan Stan?’ - National Civil Defence Resource 

  • Me Noho Takatū - emergency management resources, aimed to support early childhood services and their whānau

Preparing Plans 

The purpose of planning is to ensure that the whether you are running an Early Childhood Centre, a school, or a rest home, you can provide for the safety of students, patients, and staff as far as possible in any emergency incident.

Check out the national Best Practice Guide. This planning guide aims to help you through the legal and contractual requirements for emergency planning.   Developing an emergency plan based on the tasks described in this Guide will help you meet the typical requirements of funding and auditing agencies.