Hawke's Bay Hazard Information Portal 

int portal largreHelping you find out which natural hazards might affect the places you live and work so everyone can make better risk management decisions and Be Ready.  

The easy to use version lets you just type in your address Æ HAWKE'S BAY PORTAL 

The User Guides below help you use the portal, and if you want more information about a single hazard, click on the links below to the full mapping version of the portal:

The precision and accuracy of the data varies, therefore it is important that you obtain expert advice to help to interpret the information. This data is not a Land Information Memorandum (LIM).

The Top 10 Hazards for Hawke’s Bay include other risks such volcanic impacts, landslides, etc. Data and information will be added as new data become available or specific Hawke’s Bay research is carried out.  Hazard information is subject to change with existing information reviewed on an ongoing basis. 

The portal provides links to:


How to use the Hazard Portal


Simplified Hazard Portal User Manual Print off or read on screen to learn how to get a report of known 'hazards' intersecting your property.
Quick User Guide: to full mapping portal - print off to learn how to get a report of all known 'hazards' intersecting your property.
On-line Guide:How to use the full hazard mapping portal.
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